Meet Our Team

Just over 10 years ago, a small group of women felt compelled to take on the project to create and donate quilts to campers that attend Flying Horse Farms, having no idea just how far it could grow.

Fast forward a few years: quilts were given not only to every child who came to a summer camp, but also to family members coming for weekend camps and pillowcases added for all. Even during shutdowns in 2020, pillowcases were included in “Camp-at-Home” boxes given to the kids. How could we ever have imagined that our giving to others would amount to over 4500 quilts and 3500 pillowcases so far.

We feel we can safely increase the donation numbers of Quilts to 5000 and pillowcases to 4000.  We are also donating to other child related organizations (homeless shelters, teen centers, and foster care children), as inventory permits.  Volunteers and donors have consistently believed in, supported us, and allowed Snuggled to thrive because they give, and they give BIG! We are honored to introduce our Team Members.

We will start with our Executive Officers/Board Members and then extend to EACH and EVERY ONE of our Volunteers. Stay tuned on how you can be featured, as EVERY ONE of you make up this wonderful team called "SNUGGLED IN HOPE QUILTS!"




Vice President




Board Member


Board Member


Board Member


Board Member


Board Member

Marilyn W


Julie S

Mt Gilead / Lexington

Pat Y


Bonnie W


Susan E

Mt Gilead


Mt Gilead/Marion &

Janet S

Mt Gilead/Marion & Lexington

Mary Ann

Mt Gilead/Lexington

Jane J

Mt Gilead & Marion

Mary V


Marilyn C

Mt Gilead & Marion


PO Box 53
Mt. Gilead, OH, 43338, US

About us

Snuggled in Hope Quilts was formed in the spring of 2012. We are completely volunteer and donation based; 100% of operating costs are funded by the generosity of donors. 100% of monetary donations go directly back into our mission. We receive no funds from Flying Horse Farms.

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